Monday, February 13, 2006

Some more photos of Sydney

Here she is at 1 week old. She still has jaundice and so she looks a little yellow. She is a great sleeper and eater though so it should clear up soon.

This is right after a bath. She hates baths and cries the whole time - until we wash her hair and then she is very calm. Her hair is curly when it's wet and as it starts to dry it turns wavy and sticks out everywhere! It is so cute.

This is how you will find her most of the time - except for the few hours between 3 and 7 a.m.. She thinks that is playtime and is wide awake. In her first pictures she looked exactly like Donnie, but now you can see some of the Ralston in her too!

A view from the hospital...

Finally - I have the epidural going and I can relax. Only my sisters keep me on the phone for updates.

Although you probably can't tell from this angle, I really look like I am about to pop!

Who knew that the hardest part of it all would be the pushing? Pain was not a problem, but I thought if I had to keep pushing my head would explode!

She's finally here! Her lungs were nice and healthy too. Once they cleared her mouth and nose and clamped off her umbilical cord, they wiped her off, weighed her and measured her.

Finally she's clean and all bundled up. Then I was able to hold her. I was still a little groggy from the epidural, but I was very excited to hold my little angel!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Her first trip to the doctor...

Sydney had her two week check up today! Her coloring is much better as her jaundice is calming down. The doctor said her days of bili tests are over! Although she cannot speak I am sure she is glad that she will not have to suffer through anymore heel pricks.

She has regained her birthweight and has even grown 1/2 an inch! She is in the 75th percentile for weight (8lbs 8 oz), 90th the for height (21 1/2 inches) and 50th for her head size (36).

She absolutely is the best baby ever. She sleeps really well during the night - usually close to 5 hours. She eats really well and is very calm. She only screams at me when I change her diaper or give her a bath ( she clearly has some cleanliness issues to work through). I love giving her a bath though because afterward her hair is super curly and way cute.

Well, Sydney is now ready to eat...