Saturday, February 24, 2007


We have decided that Sydney has more toys than she could ever play with, and so we are now investing in books for her (Donnie said something about books are cheaper than clothes so if I feel I really can't leave a store without something for her I should just buy a book).

We just bought the "Big Box of Boynton." It contains three board books by Sandra Boynton. The illustrations are absolutely adorable and the words flow in a nice little beat so it is more like you're singing than reading. The three books in this set are "Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs," "Pajama Time," and my favorite "Barnyard Dance!" Also, at Kohls they are selling Boynton stuffed animals for $5. They are a decent size and the proceeds go to charity, so I bought Sydney a "Barnyard Dog." From what I can tell, the ears taste delicious.

For some other ideas on good reads for toddlers, check out Mama Duck's suggestions.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Building tooth at a time

Sydney's bottom front teeth came in within a day of each other, and her top right tooth arrived two months later. Then we waited and waited for another tooth, but it never came.

Now, almost two months after the third tooth appeared, Sydney is getting hit hard. Three teeth are trying to break through, leaving Sydney in pain and unable/unwilling to sleep very well.

She spent all last night crying and all morning crying too. I tried singing, reading books,teething rings, Tylenol, Motrin...every little thing I could think of to help. They were all to no avail.

In an act of desperation, I put her in her highchair (naked, of course)and gave her a blow pop. For the next 30 minutes all I heard were shouts of laughter and delight. A sucker can't be too bad for her, right?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh we've got letters...

Everday Sydney stares at me as I open the mail and screams because I won't let her help. Well today, she received her very own letter. Donnie's parents sent her a Valentine card. I think she liked it.