Thursday, August 17, 2006

After a lengthy absence...

We have been really busy lately.

Donnie had a family reunion in northern Utah and eastern Idaho so we were up there for a few days. I had never been to the Teton area before, so it was pretty exciting for me. We saw some really beautiful areas. One of the most beautiful parts of the drive was by the Palisades Reservoir. It is about 27 miles or so long and the water is so beautiful! The mountains aren't so bad either.

After the reunion we came back home and I began cleaning and packing again. Donnie left yesterday to go to Taiwan. He will be there until the end of the month. Sydney and I are going to visit my family in Georgia while he is away. We don't like to be alone!

She is getting so big! Her sitting skills have definitely improved too.

She sits really well, but once she starts to lose her balance she throws her arms up in the air and starts making circles to balance back out. It's really cute.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

All you bloggers...

Here's a fun little game from MamaDuck. It's called fishing. Visit MamaDuck at Lil Duck Duck for the how!

It's just one of those days...

Tonight as I get ready to relax and unwind for bed I have just one question: Why did I even get out of bed this morning?

Last night Sydney decided it would be fun to pull an "all-nighter" - she made it to about 3 a.m. and then finally we could go to sleep. Before that she laid in her crib - which for some reason unknown to man is still in our room- "talking" and kicking at the walls. That was great fun!

At 7a.m. I woke up to a call on my cell phone. It was my sister's number so I thought maybe it is important. Boy was I wrong. Apparently she found a Web site that you can enter in your cell phone number and Samuel L. Jackson will call you and tell you to "wake up and take your partner to see Snakes on the Plane." Yeah, I'll rush right out to that...

Just as I started to fall back asleep Sydney decided it was time to play. I tried everything, but she was not going back to sleep. At lunch she decided that bananas (her favorite "baby fruit") were more fun to spit, throw, and play with than to eat and swallow like the little angel she is.

By the time I could finally take a shower - 3 p.m. is way too late to get ready for the day by the way- the water wouldn't get hot. Each previous attempt was thwarted by Sydney's screams.

Finally to add to the joy of the day, I started cooking dinner. Last night I placed two beautiful steaks, glazed in my tasty marinade, in the fridge. I pulled out the steaks, placed them in a pan and put them in the oven. I was too lazy to mess with the grill. As they began to broil, I started the roasted potatoes and broccoli and cheese. I also put on a can of baked beans.

When everything was ready, I opened the oven and began to pull out the steaks. In my final act of glory I shattered the pan. Yes, I broke the glass dish that contained my beautiful steaks. I spent the next hour cleaning glass shards off the floor and out of the oven. It was great. This is all I was left with.

We had a vegetarian dinner tonight. Broccoli, beans, and potatoes. I must admit, I was a little heartbroken, but Donnie quickly reminded me, "this just means we can have steak tomorrow night now."

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sports : There what's for dinner

It is official: my husband is a sports junkie.

What's even worse is I am an enabler. During football season I ignored how many games he watched and even joined him for some (I'm Southern and have somewhat of a devotion to the sport of the gods). When football ended college basketball was well underway and since I am in love with the Duke University basketball team (yes, I cried when J.J. Reddick became the all-time leading scorer for the Blue Devils), I let his addiction slide.

I mean we watched games for schools I didn't even know existed. It was a novelty at first - trying to figure out where these schools were actually located and who would choose a squirrel, banana slug, or zip to be their mascot (not made up, unfortunately). After the crushing blow to my heart by the loss of Coach K's squad, I put away my foam finger, waiting for September to arrive again.

Oh no! We couldn't stop there. My husband, who until recently showed little interest in the NBA, decided that every team would be his favorite and we would have to rearrange our schedules to ensure optimal game viewing for every televised event. By the time the playoffs came I couldn't handle it and avoided my husband - and our living room - like the plague. When I finally thought our lives would return to normal and we could eat at our kitchen table and talk about things of importance over a home-cooked meal, I was informed that World Cup Soccer was now in progress.

I was going out of my mind! I couldn't remember the last time we talked, I mean really talked! Dates? What are those? I don't even know what our new kitchen chairs feel like. They could be the most comfortable seats in the world, and I'll never know. Today as we sat on the couch watching our little baby (don't worry she was born in January and with labor, delivery and all we were done by noon - way before the day's basketball games started) as she struggled to sit up for longer than her previous record of 2 minutes, I saw that look on my husband's face and I knew what he was thinking.

As he reached for the remote, my heart leaped out of my chest. Fear filled every inch of my body. He turned on the television and entered in the numbers for ESPN. He sat, with beef jerky in hand, and proceeded to watch World Series Darts. Yes, they have a world tournament for throwing pointy, feathered sticks into a corkboard while semi-intoxicated. I am not sure if I was disappointed more in the program director at ESPN for showing this or my husband for wasting an hour of his life watching it.

I finally realized, this addiction is serious. According to the pros there are four stages of addiction: use, misuse, abuse, and dependency. My husband has already reached stage four of his SPORTS addiction. He has an excuse for every thing. "I need to watch golf because to be successful in my field you need to be a great golfer."

He used that same one to justify new golf clubs last year, a new pair of shoes, and an upgrade in golf balls. Tennis is important to him because he played in high school - yes that's closing in on ten years ago. World Cup only comes along once every four years - yes we watched every imaginable Olympic event this year too with that same excuse. You name the sport, he has some incredible reason why we must watch it or his world will end.

I have tried to come up with every reason why we should turn off the TV or throw it away, but it has not worked. The only idea I can come up with is to move to some tropical island ( I need warm temperatures) and live like they do on Survivor. I can learn.

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