Monday, July 23, 2007

Animal House

Sydney really loves animals. She gets so excited everytime she sees one - live or on television. It's too bad we will never own a pet. We bought her a toy puppy dog and she walks around the house all day petting it and saying, "Soft, soft." It is really cute! She also likes to kiss its nose.

She has a book with pictures of animals and their names and she loves to look at it and try to make the sounds. She is quite good with a few of the animals.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July we went to my parents' house for a barbecue. My dad made ribs and his famous pulled pork sandwiches. Aside from eating a lot of food, we were able to spend time with family.

My parents put up a couple of kiddie pools in their backyard, and my brother brought over a waterslide. All of the kids stayed outside playing for the majority of the afternoon - only taking small breaks to quickly eat.

Two of my brothers and one sister were out of town with their families (not together though). Donnie's sister and her family came and so we still had about 30 people.

Sydney had a great time in the water, as did my other nieces and nephews. Sydney's favorite part was definitely the slide. She didn't want to get off!

Here are some other shots from the day: