Monday, September 20, 2010

BYU game

Last weekend we headed down to Tallahasse to cheer on the Cougars. It was my first BYU game (live, in person) in two seasons, so I was pretty excited. It was Jaxon's first football game ever.

We made the trip down with my parents on Friday. On Saturday we took it easy, and although our hotel had a "breakfast" we opted for Krispie Kreme doughnuts instead :-).

At noon we went to the BYU tailgate party at the Civic Center. There were quite a few people there, so it was nice to see other BYU loyal in Tallahassee. We ate lunch at the "party," and gathered a few items to chher on the cougars with. Cosmo and the BYU cheerleaders came and lead everyone in a few cheers too.

Sydney liked watching the cheerleaders, but Jaxon was deathly afraid of Cosmo - to the point that his little body was shaking.

Some friends of ours came down to the game too (we had seats together), and so we met up with them at the tailgate party and took the shuttle to the stadium together too.

The game did not turn out as I would have liked it to (READ: BYU lost), but it was still fun, and I am glad we went. At halftime, the cougars looked like they were finally getting a handle on things, and we were back in the game 13-10, but we never scored again after that.

In the stadium we were prpetty much surrounded by a sea of red, but luckily, there were 10 of us, and two more sets of Cougar fans on the row in front of us, so we felt pretty comfortable - well, except for the weird guy who kept rubbing my back as he said, "I hate to be ugly, but you know you came an awfully long way to get beat up real bad, right?"

I tried not to go back for any drinks after that...

We spent the night again Saturday, and went to church in Tallahassee on Sunday. There were at least 5 other cars of people there who were in town for the BYU game too. That didn't seem to stop the two adult speakers in Sacrament meeting from making cracks about BYU though. Really?

Here are a few pics from gameday: