Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Last week we went to Florida for a little vacation. We had such a great time! I absolutely love the beach, and I especially love Destin. Growing up, we went there for family vacation every summer (well, starting when I was like 7). I have so many good memories there - Donnie and I even went there on our honeymoon.

This was our first time back to Destin since our honeymoon, and it was the first time for Sydney and Jaxon. They loved it, and we hope to make it a family tradition to visit the panhandle every summer.

My parents came with us to enjoy the warm Florida sun and relaxing beaches. When we first arrived it was super windy and a little chilly. We were okay with it thoughbecause as my Dad always says, "A bad day in Destin is still better than a good day anywhere else." The rest of our time there was absolutle lovely!

Before checking in to our hotel, we stopped off at the beach. Donnie took Sydney and Jaxon to check out the ocean.

Jaxon loved the feel of the water rushing over his little feet. Sydney, on the other hand, would rather just look at the water.

The next day it warmed up a little and we strapped on our swimsuits and hit the beach. Jaxon loved playing with the sand toys, and Sydney decided to give the water another try.

After a few thrusts of the shovel Jaxy was worn out and ready for a nap. Sydney worked up a thirst chasing waves.

After splashing around in the water, Donnie too decided to try his hand at sand castle building. It didn't take long for Sydney to attack and destroy the masterpiece either!

After playing on the beach for a while, we all decided to check out the beautiful water.

By the next day, Sydney and Jaxon were helping Donnie build castles, and no longer trying to destroy his hard work.

So when you are in Florida, you have to eat seafood - well, Donnie, the kids, and my Dad need to eat seafood, my Mom and I can pass. We ate at a lot of really good places. One of those places is The Crab Trap. It is right on the beach, and after we ate we went to check out the ocean views.

Another yummy place we ate at was Fuddpucker's. It is absolutely huge! They not only have three levels of seating, but they have over 80 live alligators too.

Lest you think we spent our entire vacation sleeping on the beach or eating, I better move on. We went to this family fun park called The Track. I always loved the track! Our main purpose was to play mini golf, but Sdney wanted to check out some of the rides too.

I could not believe it! Sydney is not much of a daredevil, but she chose to ride some of the "scary" rides, and loved every minute of it! Donnie took her on the bumper boats and race cars, and then she hit the ferris wheel, swings, and airplane solo.

After Sydney used all of her tickets we hit the mini golf course. About halfway through the Mountain Safari course (complete with waterfalls and exotic animal statues) Sydney found a giant giraffe. She was so excited!

She ran up and stood right underneath it. Water from one of the nearby falls splashed Sydney from behind, but not knowing the source of the wetness, Sydney yelled, "Hey! This giraffe just peed on me!" Oh Sydney...

In the Sandestin resort there are tons of hotels, shops, restaurants, golf courses... anything you might want. There is also a place called Baytowne Wharf. This is where the nightlife is (I guess, we went during the day :-)). This is where you can find the trendy shops, expensive restaurants, yummy saltwater taffy, and apparently surfing alligators.

You can also walk out to the bay and feed fish, but we actually just fed fish food to the birds.

We also spent a day (rain day) at Destin Commons. This is an outdoor shopping complex. They have a play area for kids in the middle of the "mall." Sydney liked the playground, until she saw the jumping fountains. The other kids playing in the fountains were in swimsuits - but that did not deter Sydney who attacked the water with no fear.

It was such a great vacation!

Monday, May 11, 2009

If at first you don't succeed...

If at first you don't succeed....

try again.

Never too young to start learning how to mow the lawn. Keep it up.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Friday, May 01, 2009

April in pictures

Like I said earlier, we had a busy month. The weather was really nice and so we had many trips to the zoo, and lots of play time in the backyard. We spent a lot of time running errands, visiting family, and cleaning up small disasters around the house.

Going for a wagon ride

Jaxy driving the big red car

Yelling at the crazy woman driver who cut him off

One of our neighbors gave us a play kitchen to use outside. It has become a favorite of Sydney and Jaxon.

Jaxy's first tooth broke through March 24. It was his bottom right tooth. His top left tooth, the next to come out, appeared the next week. He had only these two teeth until April 15, when their mates came through. I have no idea why my children have crazy teeth schedules!

One day, I came out of the restroom and noticed that Sydney's bedroom door was closed. I started walking toward the door, telling Sydney to open up and not play with the door closed. As I neared the door, I realized she was not in her room, but at my computer with Jaxon - and a full bottle of powder. This is not a good combination.

Jaxon had his first encounter with a caterpillar at the zoo. He liked to look at the furry little bug. He didn't even mind when it crawled on his arm, but when it took off on his shirt, that was too much.

Sydney never stays still for very long, so she isn't in too many pictures on our computer right now. However, here are two from the zoo. She loves the statue of (the late gorilla) Willie B. and pretending to be a bird in the lemur's tree house.

Every morning this is the first thing I see.

It is soon followed by this

I think I am pretty lucky.


It has been a busy month, so I am just now getting around to Easter pictures. I still need to upload pictures from the camera, so this isn't all of our pics, but it is enough!

We went to church with my parents and then over to their house for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt. It was nice to spend time with the fam, and Sydney and Jaxon came home with a lot of candy.

Here we are decorating eggs. We decided to buy plastic eggs and then decorate with stickers. This way we don't waste hard-boiled eggs, and we don't have to wait for dye to dry. It worked out really well for us. No mess, no fuss.

What would egg decorating be without ice cream?

The egg hunt