Saturday, December 08, 2007

The last few weeks...

With the holiday season - and Donnie gearing up for finals - we have been pretty busy lately.

We spent a week in Idaho for Thanksgiving, and spent time with Donnie's family there. It was nice to see family that we haven't seen in a while - Sydney and I haven't been there since last Christmas. Sydney found a new friend in her cousins' dog Max. She really liked chasing him around - and REALLY liked just sitting by him.

When we returned home, we decided it was time to unpack our Christmas decorations and get in the spirit. We live in a very small apartment (600 sq ft), and we are not allowed to have real trees, so we used our 2 ft beauty from last year. It came with lights, so the hard work was
already done!

I know, Charlie Brown had a better tree, but we're woking with little space and little money! I do find it odd that I am the only one without a present under the tree (hint, hint Donnie).

After a snow-free November, mother nature decided to step it up and we woke up on December 1 to 4 inches of snow! Donnie and Sydney went out to play and make a snowman. Sydney lost interest in the snowman pretty quickly, so he's a little small.

It snowed last night and all day today too. The snow should continue falling through Monday, so there will be plenty of snow-themed pictures to come.

Here are a few pictures of Sydney, and her new best friend, Monkey.