Friday, April 16, 2010

This kid loves trains!

The Easter Bunny brought Jaxy a few Thomas the Tank Engines and a whole lot of track. He has since spent every waking moment building track and racing trains. He has even convinced his granddaddy to join in a few times.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


We went on a little walk to a park by the university president's house to take a few pictures. The park is beautiful, but Jaxon was not to pleased with the idea of posing for photos.

Here are a few shots (we have a bout a million of Sydney, who was more than willing to strike a pose, but only posted a few)

Easter Egg Hunt at great grandmother's house

Do you think this kid likes candy?

Sydney wanted to make sure she didn't miss a single egg

Loading up on candy-filled eggs

Katelyn and Sydney checking out a giraffe's skull at one of our many trips to the zoo during
spring break.

Birds of a feather

Jaxon sneaking a taste of Quin's cake - this was encouraged by his aunts Angela and Jana...

Quin's birthday: before cake

After cake

Getting ready to celebrate Donnie's birthday