Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Quack! Quack!

Although we really should devote every minute of time we have to packing (since we have less than one week left and are only about 40 percent done), we have taken a few days off for Sydney.

The weather here is so unpredictable - it was in the 70s for two days last week and then it snowed the following two days - that when you have a nice day you really have to take advantage of it. Monday the temperature reached the high 70s and so we decided to take a break from packing/cleaning to take Sydney to feed the ducks on campus.

She loved throwing the bread and when she saw a duck out of water she would chase after it. Luckily for them, she is no where near as fast as they are! We tried to take her picture a lot, but most of the time she was pretending to cry. She didn't want to sit still for a picture, so she wouldn't smile. That's our little girl - stubborn. At least she's still cute when she pouts.