Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Around the house...

It has been really cold here latley. I'm not even sure if Sydney remembers what grass really looks like since we haven't seen any in months. The ground is just completely covered in snow.

For weeks I have been trying to convince Sydney to put on her hat, scarf, coat, and gloves before we go outside because it is so cold, but she refuses to wear anything except her coat (and we have to wrestle that on to her).

Yesterday she was playing in her room and she came in the living room and proudly said, "Ohhh. Sydney so cute!"

When I looked up, this is what I saw:

Now if only she would wear them outside~
She really likes to wear "hats" around the house now. Anything that will fit on her head will do. On Valentine's Day we gave her a bucket with some candy in it. She promptly dumped out the candy and donned her new cap.
We have also been working on getting Sydney to eat fruits. She will eat any meat, bread, or vegetable we put in front of her, but she refuses every type of fruit we have tried.
After months of begging and pleading, she finally decided to give bananas a try. Thankfully, she really likes them! Now on to applesauce....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where the fun never ends...

Sydney has recently decided that she no longer needs sleep to function. At night she lays by her bedroom door for a good hour or so screaming and banging on the door. She has even discovered that if she hits her childproof doorknob enough times and with enough force it will break open and she can emerge victoriously from the dungeon.

We have tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Even after she falls asleep to the sounds of her melodic demon-like screams, she only sleeps about seven or eight hours - a far cry from the 12-14 her doctor says she should get.

If she only slept eight hours at night, but was happy and playful the next day we wouldn't care, but that is not the case.

Then again, maybe she's just crying because I haven't vacuumed the floor in over a week.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's A Boy!

We had our ultrasound appointment today and found out that Sydney will soon have a little brother to torment and terrorize.

During the ultrasound, he would turn and flash his boy parts at us quite a bit, prompting the technician to say, "He sure is proud to be a boy."

That's the same thing we were told about Sydney - well, that she was proud to be a girl. How lucky would we be if our little boy turned out like his beautiful sister? It would definitely make for an easy home life.

Also like Sydney, he is a mover. He could not/would not stay still. He likes to wiggle though, and Sydney was a kicker. I can feel him move more than she did though. During the ultrasound he kept moving his arm up by his head to his eyes. The pictures didn't turn out as clearly as Sydney's did, so they are hard to see. I will try to add them in later and explain what I can.

We are very excited for this little gift of hormone balancing in our house. I don't think Sydney quite understands what is going on, but when I sit on the couch she pulls up my shirt and kisses my belly and says, "Oh, baby so cute."

I know she will be a great big sister, I'm just worried about having to explain to her the whole "boys have different body parts" thing.