Sunday, April 12, 2009

Never move to Mobile, Al

This is just a note to myself.

If anyone else needs a reason to not move to Alabama, please watch the following video. You can then thank Jana for sharing this hard hitting news story with you, and hopefully preventing you from moving to Alabama too.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Jaxy is teething....

Need I say more?

Our little lady killer

Look at those dimples.

I have no idea...

Hanging out in a laundry basket (thanks to Daddy).

Enjoying a back rub (also thanks to Daddy).

Jaxy with a sippy cup.

Playing with Sydney's toys - the ones she doesn't realize are missing from her room.

Left to her own devices

Sydney would wear 6 pairs of pajamas at the same time.

She would wear stickers on her legs in place of pants.

She would wear her underwear on her head.

She would sleep in the bathtub.

And every bath would be full of bubbles (like an entire bottle of Mr. Bubble).

She would wear a tutu every day, every where.

Every night would end with ice cream and cuddling with Daddy,

And she would leave the house looking like a bag lady.

Our last trip to the zoo

Did I mention we LOVE the zoo?

Sydney is very concerned that the flamingos stand in pee water.

The Atlanta Zoo has a huge gorilla habitat that I absolutely love. Sydney, on the other hand, loves the statues of the gorillas.

Sydney loves the petting zoo part. She thinks it is cool to brush the goats. It amazes me that she has no fear about approaching the animals.

We always end our trips at the playground. It is huge and has a few slides, rockers, a rock climbing wall...and a pretend school bus. That is Sydney's favorite part.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

In February we bought memberships to the zoo. We have been going pretty frequently (the goal is three times a week), and the kids love it! We have been so many times now that Sydney has the layout memorized :-).

Sydney loves animals and could spend all day, every day, just watching them. Her favorite animals are the kamodo dragon (I have no idea why), the pandas (they have a mommy, daddy, big sister, and baby brother just like us), and the orangutans (they are by far the most active animals there).

After visiting the animlas, we stop by the play area. Jaxon loves to ride the train and the carousel. He waves at people the entire time and smiles. Sydney is a big fan of the train and carousel too, but her favorite part is the big playground.

Unfortunately, the weather has not been cooperating lately, and the zoo visits have been on hold. We have been trying to find other ways to pass the time, but nothing seems to interest the kids as much as the zoo.

Then, we tried the aquarium. Normally the aquarium is way too expensive, but during the month of March they had a special - $20 for parking, admission for one adult and up to two kids. Normally that would cost close to $60, so we decided to take advantage of it.

Tha aquarium here is pretty incredible. We have been a few times before, but this was our first time since last June. Sydney thought the jellyfish were cool, but her favorite part was the moving sidewalk. She would ride it to the end, jump off, and run back to ride it again. She is easily entertained.

Jaxon, on the other hand, absolutely loved the fish. There is one room that has a huge glass wall and you can sit there and watch the fish swim by. Jaxon was in heaven!

A new cousin for Jaxon and Sydney!

My sister Allison and her husband welcomed their first baby home last week. He was born Friday, and weighed 8lbs 11 oz, and was 20 inches long. Congratulations guys!

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