Thursday, July 08, 2010

Fourth of July

We spent the weekend in the north Georgia mountains with my family again this year. We went up Thursday and stayed until Monday, so it was a nice long break from real life.

On Saturday, the guys went fishing (Donnie and Ben went golfing after that, but my Dad went to the hospital to have a fishing hook removed from his middle finger :-)) The girls spent that time at the new and improved Babyland General. Sydney found a new Cabbage Patch doll and a bag of doll accessories.

Jaxy was kind of out of his element. In fact, the only thing he wanted was a car from one of the displays. They have a limited edition Nascar doll (seriously?) and at the top of the display area is a big car with a doll all dressed up like a racecar driver. Jaxon yelled, "Car Mommy! Car!" like a million times

It was nice to spend time with so many members of our family (this was the first time we were able to hang out with Moe and Kat since they moved out of state in January), but we missed those who weren't there (Angela came up for one afternoon, but Jason and his family were unable to come).


So, Allison and fam came up yesterday to visit, and while here, Donnie gave Quin a haircut. It was Quin's first haircut, so it was a hard time for all.

Allison was sad to see all of his beautiful hair chopped, and Donnie was afraid to mess up Quin's hair. He kept saying to me, "I don't want to be the guy who ruined Quin's hair. what if Allison doesn't like it when I'm done?"

Well, the upside of it all is that 1. Hair grows back quickly, and 2. Allison asked him to do it (granted after weeks of pressuring from ALL of my family), so she could only be mad at herself.

Another high point, we gave Quin a lollipop and sat him in Allison's lap, and he was the best kid ever! He sat completely still while Donnie buzzed about his head with clippers. I wish my kids were so cooperative during haircuts :-)

So, here are a few pics - I ran out of room on my camera, so sorry Mom that I do not have more!