Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One step closer...

For Sydney's birthday we bought her a Winnie the Pooh potty. At first she would sit on it, but only if she were completely clothed. After a few weeks she would sit on it with just a diaper on. Then she thought it was a bowl for the next few weeks and wanted to eat out of it (we, of course, did not allow this because that is just disgusting).

Two weeks ago Sydney started taking off her clothes at will and sitting on the potty naked. She wouldn't use it, she would just sit there and then ask to take a bath. This led to many a night spent scrubbing pee out of our carpet as she would walk toward the bathroom and right before she would enter she would pee on the floor.

Needless to say, we were not very happy about her "potty time" antics. Finally, on Monday, she took off her clothes, sat on the potty and actually peed in the potty! We were so excited! We might have been a little too excited, because she seemed a little startled by our reaction and she has not used the potty since then. At least she knows that it's not scary to do so, she we still have hope that before Baby Brother arrives she will be out of diapers.


Sydney likes to talk to Baby Brother a lot. She pulls up my shirt and kisses my belly often. She even says, "I wuv you Baby Brother." It is really cute, but I think that she thinks Baby Brother is a name for a belly. She was playing in the bathtub yesterday and I heard her say, "Wake up Baby Brother. Ohhh Baby Brother so cute." And when I walked in, she was patting her belly. I guess she'll be in for a surprise in a few months.


Sydney asks me everyday if we can go outside and "play with friends." Only the "friends" she wants to play with aren't the little kids at the playground, it's the little birds. Yesterday we spent an hour walking around following birds, looking in bushes for birds, and making bird noises. Our neighbors gave us a lot of strange looks, but Sydney had a good time.
A few weeks ago we celebrated Donnie's birthday. Sydney helped me to bake a cake - and she ate quite a bit of frosting when she was "helping" frost the cake. When it was time to sing "Happy Birthday," I lit the candles, but as soon as we started to sing, she blew out the candles. Finnaly on our fourth attempt, Donnie picked her up and held her so we could make it through the song. She still beat him to the punch though!