Thursday, March 26, 2009

He crawls!

About four days ago Jaxon started crawling on all fours. For about two weeks he has been army crawling to the couch and pulling himself up, but it wasn't until Monday that he figured out he could get there faster on all fours. He can also bother his sister a lot more now that he is on all fours...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Story Time

When some people go to the bathroom (for the long haul), they take a magazine or book with them. When Sydney needs to go to the bathrrom, she takes me with her. She feels that bathroom time is the perfect story time.

Usually, she says, "Mom tell me a story while I ...(you know the word)." Tonight, however, she said, "Mom let me tell you a story!"

I was curious to hear what she came up with. I thought maybe she would tell me the story of Goldilocks or The Three Little Pigs (my go to stories), but no, she made up a story all on her own. I thought it was cute (although slightly strange), so I thought I would share it.

The Little Boy and the Giant, by Sydney Young

Once upon a time there was a little boy. One day he saw a big, monster, giant. And the giant ate the little boy in his mouth. Then the daddy came out and screamed. The mommy grabbed the little boy out of the giant's mouth with her big hands. Then they fed the giant meatballs. The end.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did! I think she's pretty creative for a 3 year old.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Snowstorm - GA style

Living in the Rocky Mountains, one quickly acclimates to snowfall and all that accompanies it. After 10 years in the Rockies, I was a snow pro, and snowstorms had lost their thrill. In fact, I gladly welcomed the change of climate when we moved across country last summer. I was so happy to not worry about shoveling snow, or driving on black ice…

Then, February rolled around and Donnie and I started to miss the snow. We realized that Jaxon and Sydney will not make snow angels or snow men, go sledding, eat snow…and we were a little sad.

Then March came, and all of those fears were laid to rest. Georgia had a “snowstorm.” Now, this was relatively mild compared to Utah, but this was the biggest storm since 1993 for Georgia. Parts of metro Atlanta received 2-4 inches of snow.

The snow started falling at our house around 11 a.m. Sunday, and steadily fell for the rest of the day. Churches cancelled services, and schools cancelled Monday classes. Jaxon ate snow as it fell from the sky, and Sydney and Donnie made a small snowman. Sydney was so happy to see snow! She wanted to play outside all day, but in the afternoon it started thunder snowing – I did not make that up, that is what they called it on the news, so she had to play inside.

Here are a few shots from our big storm.

At the start of the "storm," the flakes were falling pretty quickly - and they were huge! Sydney was so happy! She ran out of the house without a coat or gloves; at least she had pants on. She ran to the car and started eating snow off the hood (yuck!).
Donnie convinced me to come outside with Jaxon so he could check it out. It was really cold and my hair was still wet, so we didn't stay out for long. Jaxon kept sticking his tongue out to lick the snow as it fell, but finally he gave up and started licking the snow off me.
Sydney came inside for gloves and a coat, and then she and Donnie built a little snowman on the trunk of the car. Most of our neighbors built bigger snowmen, but I think Sydney's was the cutest :-).
From the start of the storm until the time we left for church wasn't very long - an hour, maybe two - but the yard was completely covered by then. The snow came so quickly and unexpectedly that even the local wildlife was thrown off. Donnie took a few great shots of birds hanging out in the trees looking confused.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I'm not really sure what to think of this, but today Sydney said, "Look! I'm a mommy!"

I turned around to see this: