Friday, November 21, 2008

Poor little kid...

Sydney has molluscum contagiosum. Basically she as a few little tiny bumps on her face. They kind of look like small, smooth warts. The doctor said they will go away on their own, and once they go, they are gone forever. You can have them removed (liquid nitrogen), but it is pretty painful - especially for a 2 year old.

Anyway, Sydney scratched one of these little bumps one night and it started bleeding. We noticed it the next morning and we washed it with soap and water and didn't think much of it. Three days later it was extremely red and about the size of a quarter. When we touched it it was really hard.


The next morning she woke up screaming. She scratched it and blood and puss were everywhere! It was disgusting. So Donnie and I had to hold her down while I pushed all of the yucky ooze out. Blood and puss were flowing down, and her cheek was a purply-black color. We used about 10 tissues to saok it all up. IT WAS DISGUSTING!

I called the doctor and made her an appointment for that afternoon. After a really long wait and a rude doctor, we left with a bandaged child and two prescriptions.

My mom came with me to help out with Jaxon, and I am so glad she did. I had to hold Sydney down while the doctor pushed out the blood and whatnot that accumulated since that morning.

The dr said that we have to wash the area with peroxide, dry it, apply the gel (Rx) and then cover it with gauze. We have to do this for at least a week, when we have to go back for a check up. If it starts to fill up again, we have to take her to the hospital. She is also taking an oral antibiotic every six hours - which I have to force down her throat.

She is doing remarkably well. This morning she laid on my lap after her bath and held the tape while I did the rest. She even agreed to take her medicine if I would let her pick a piece of candy out of the candy bucket. She chose Donnie's sour gummy worms (sorry honey!).

The swelling is gone and her cheek is almost back to a normal color - there is just one red spot about the size of a dime. She is taking it all in stride, but has informed me that she is not going back to the doctor again - it's Jaxon's turn.

Are they for real?

So I recently read an article in a parenting magazine that said, "Your child will triple his birthweight in the first year of his life."

Umm, Jaxon was 9 lbs 6 oz at birth so that would mean he would weigh in at over 28 lbs on his first birthday. Sydney only weighs 33 lbs and she's almost 3. Are they sure about this? If so, he better start walking next week!

At his 4 month check up, Jaxon weighed 16lbs 3oz and measured 26 1/2 inches, so he is a little bigger than most 4 month olds, but 28 lbs might be a little much. At least I hope!

After months of grining and bearing it, Jaxon has finally found Sydney's weakness - hair.

Here she is "calling" Grandma to tell her what Baby Brother did.

Yesterday we went to help Donnie's brother and his family pack - they are moving across the country (**sniffle, sniffle**). Sydney decided to do a little packing as well.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fun times

Sydney is pretty much potty trained, but sometimes she's a little lazy (or distracted), and just pees in her pants rather than going to the bathroom. So, to help Sydney with potty consistency, we put a Dora chart on the fridge and told her when all 21 squares have a sticker in them we can go to the toy store, and she can pick a prize. The catch is that when she doesn't go to the potty, but has an "accident," we take away a sticker.

I have tried to be very supportive and cheer her on, and I guess it's working. Yesterday I walked out of the living room and Sydney followed me to the bathroom. She walked in and said, "Wow! Mom I am so proud of you! You did a great job! Now we can go put a sticker on your chart!"

She was so excited about it that we did, indeed, put a sticker on "my chart" (a calendar hanging on the fridge). If we fill up my chart do I get a day at a spa?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jaxon's 4 months!

Jax had his 4 month check up this week. He weighs 16 lbs 3 oz and is 26 1/2 inches long. He also rolled over for the first time while we were at the doctor's office. He seemed surprised - even more so than me:-)

He is such a sweet baby. He has the cutest smile - with two little dimples. He loves to see his big sister. Everytime she comes close to him, he lights up. I hope they will always be this sweet to eachother.

The Real Halloween...

So last night was finally Halloween and I no longer have to hide Sydney's costume from her (she wanted to wear it ALL OF THE TIME).

I also found out that there wasn't really a reason to hide it from her because by the third house her wings were broken - sad! She also refused to wear a crown last night. So for (the real) Halloween, Sydney was a ballerina, not a ballerina-fairy-princess like she told me she wanted to be. At last she was what she wanted, and that's all that matters.

According to Donnie, Halloween ranks second in the holiday department (right after Christmas), so last night was a big deal for him too. He loves to go trick or treating! He loves to pick out neighborhoods weeks in advance and concoct plans on how to acquire the maximum candy load. It's really kind of funny to see how excited he gets.

We went trick or treating with Deidra, Jeannette, Dustin, and all of the kids. Jaxon and I tagged along for one street then we went back to Deidra's.

At one house, the lady said, "When I see a tutu I expect some entertaintainment. Are you going to do a little dance?" Sydney set down her bag and started spinning around in circles, singing "Dance, dance, dance." It was so cute. I wish we would have recorded it.

Then a few houses later Sydney just sat down on the porch with another lady as she was handing out candy. She just started talking to her. It was so funny! As we walked from house to house Sydney would sing songs she made up about Halloween.

Sydney absolutely loved it and probably could have gone around all night begging for candy, but they came home around 9:30.