Wednesday, October 03, 2012


This month went by way too fast! Charlotte is a chatterbox - which is really cute, but also seems to bring a lot of slobber with it :) She does such a great job holding her head up, and even likes tummy time - Sydney thought it was torture, and Jaxon just rolled over all of the time.

Sydney and Jaxy are making new friends at school, and are doing a great job getting up and ready in the morning. They have not been late a single day, and we are two months in :) This is a big improvement from last year!

We are starting to get back into our old habits - the zoo once a week, the library once a week, and Target only once a week :)

We celebrated Mom's 61st birthday ( Sydney, "We need to leave now Mom. We don't want to be late. We haven't done this in like a year, we should totally be on time." Umm once a year, that's kind of how birthdays work...)

We learned about cell phones - Jaxon called 911, three times, from an old phone that no longer has service or a sim card; who knew you could do that?

We learned about our bodies - Jaxon, "Dad when I grow up, I am going to have hair under my arms too! I will be just like you!" 

Sydney, after noticing she had a rash on her arm from an allergic reaction "Oh no! This is horrible! How am I supposed to live my life like this? I'll be ruined." Then after she is informed that it will go away when she takes the medicine, she calmly replies, "Oh yeah, you're right Mom. Where's the medicine?" She's training to star in a Spanish Soap Opera...

We all grew a little this month.


With the older kids in school, Charlotte and I have had plenty of time to work out our schedules. She started sleeping well through the night, and even going down at a decent time (midnight).

She doesn't like napping in her bed - she prefers her swing or a blanket on the couch. She also is not a fan of her car seat - especially when we are driving!

Jaxy and Sydney love to be around her - she can't get a break :) Jaxon sings to her when she cries ("Calm down, calm down, calm down little baby") and he likes to play with her feet and lick her hair - I know, it's gross, but her hair sticks up like a Mohawk, and Jaxon is fascinated by that.

The second week of August, we had Charlotte blessed at church. My grandmother, my parents, Jana and her family, Allison and her family, and Deidra and her family (minus Nnamdi) all attended. Donnie blessed her, and Dad, Ura, Jason Hansen, Nate Anderson, Marc Hinckley, and Bart Anderson stood in the circle. We have been blessed with so many wonderful friends here, I am really going to be sad when we move next year.

At the end of August Charlotte had her 2-month check up. She weighed 13lbs 13 oz and was 25 inches long. She is getting so big! 


This year Sydney started 1st grade, and Jaxon started Pre-K. They were both excited for school to start. Jaxon really wants to be a big kid, so we were so excited when he was chosen in the lottery to attend the program at Sydney's school. They both go Monday through Friday from 7:55a.m. until 2:25p.m.

They see eachother at lunch, so Jaxy is pretty excited about that too. His teachers are Ms. Vaughn and Mr. McKinley. They are both really nice, and Jaxon is learning so much. He has also really come out of his shell. School has been such a great experience for him. He comes home every day with some new bump, scrape, or bruise, but proudly announces that he didn't even cry because he's tough!

So different from Sydney...the school nurse would call at least twice a week to say, "Sydney is fine, but she came to my office because she - was hit with a dodge ball, bumped into the wall, got a paper cut, scraped her knee -" and this is only a small list of the maladies she suffered at the hands of public school.

Sydney's teacher is Ms. Hamilton. She is nice, but tough. She told me that her class is full of babies (not in a mean-spirited way), but she is going to change that. I am glad too. I think it's important that kids are prepared and not pampered. They are capable of doing these things, they should be doing them :)

Sydney really likes her too. Sydney joined the running club this year at school. They meet every  Friday for an hour. Ms. Hamilton is one of the advisors, so they run together :)

Their favorite part of school though is they get to pack their lunches and pick out their own clothes (I have to approve everything though :))

She's here!

Sydney and Jaxon were both early (3 and 2 weeks, respectively), so of course Baby #3 would have to break tradition :) Charlotte was due June 14, but I started having contractions a few weeks before that...and had them until a couple of weeks after that date too :)

With Sydney and Jaxon, my first contraction came and a baby soon followed (7 1/2 hours later with Sydney, 4 hours later with Jaxon), so I was a little frustrated with the whole contractions for a month deal this time around. Every week at my check up I would ask my doctor if we were ready, and every week he would tell me to walk more.

Two things - first, I was still going to Zumba and Cardio Hip Hop twice a week until the end of May, and when I wasn't there, we were at Stone Mountain or the Zoo walking; second, at home I would rock and do squats every day. Obviously, I wasn't the hold out in this deal :)

Finally, I went in for my 42-week check up (no typo there). Nurse Tonya hooked me up to a machine to check contractions. After about an hour, Dr. Hadley came in to check things out and come up with a plan. He said I was having strong, steady contractions (duh!), but I was still only dilated to a 4 (we were going on week 4 like this). He decided to send me to the hospital anyway so we could start the induction.

Apparently everyone wanted to have a baby that day, because I wasn't in active labor, I kept getting pushed back in line, We checked in at the hospital at noon, but we were not taken to labor and delivery until 6p.m. At this point I had not eaten since dinner the previous night at 6p.m., so I was a little ornery :)

After getting set up, they started the IV drip, and at 7:30 the pitocin, and at 8:30 the epidural. I had steady contractions - really strong ones too - but still no labor. At 2:30a.m., Dr. Hadley and the interns came in for another visit. Dr. H decided to break my water, but said if nothing happened, we would go in for a C-section at 4a.m.

My parents and sisters had been at the hospital all day waiting with us, but finally left around 11p.m. My parents went back to our house to take care of Jaxon and Sydney (who had spent half the day with our friend Lindsey, and the other half with my grandmother). Thankfully, they were able to give Donnie a break and dinner, so he wasn't starving, only incredibly tired :)

Around 3:15a.m. I said, "Donnie, I feel a lot of pressure. Maybe you should get the nurse."

He replied, "That's good," and rolled back over on the couch.

I said, "No, I mean, like, I feel like her head is about to pop out!"

The nurse came in and checked. She was surprised that the baby's head was indeed popping out and told me not to push - or move - until the doctor came. Dr. H arrived, and took his sweet time setting up his stuff. We started pushing at 3:45a.m. and ten minutes later, Charlotte was born.

Charlotte weighed 10lbs 6 oz and was 21 3/4 inches long. She had dark hair and a cute little birth mark. As soon as the nurses took her, they started laughing. They had to send for different diapers because she was too big for the newborn ones they kept on the cart. They kept telling me I gave birth to a toddler - and it felt like she was in there long enough to be a toddler, so I wasn't surprised :)

Everyone was happy, healthy, and hungry!

We stayed in the hospital Tuesday, but Wednesday was Jaxy's birthday, so I begged and pleaded with the doctors to clear us to go home - they wanted us to stay until Thursday. Finally we reached a compromise, and we went home Wednesday night around 8. The only downside to all of this is that once again, Jaxon did not have a birthday party. BUT thanks to Grandma and Granddaddy, he did have presents, cupcakes, and ice cream.

Summer at a glance

The last few months have flown by way too quickly! Most of it was spent begging Baby Sister to get with the program and come (to no avail). The rest was spent at Stone Mountain and the Zoo hoping to walk Baby Sister into labor :) Of course the Summer would not be a complete without a Braves game  - or two - thrown in along the way!