Wednesday, October 03, 2012


This year Sydney started 1st grade, and Jaxon started Pre-K. They were both excited for school to start. Jaxon really wants to be a big kid, so we were so excited when he was chosen in the lottery to attend the program at Sydney's school. They both go Monday through Friday from 7:55a.m. until 2:25p.m.

They see eachother at lunch, so Jaxy is pretty excited about that too. His teachers are Ms. Vaughn and Mr. McKinley. They are both really nice, and Jaxon is learning so much. He has also really come out of his shell. School has been such a great experience for him. He comes home every day with some new bump, scrape, or bruise, but proudly announces that he didn't even cry because he's tough!

So different from Sydney...the school nurse would call at least twice a week to say, "Sydney is fine, but she came to my office because she - was hit with a dodge ball, bumped into the wall, got a paper cut, scraped her knee -" and this is only a small list of the maladies she suffered at the hands of public school.

Sydney's teacher is Ms. Hamilton. She is nice, but tough. She told me that her class is full of babies (not in a mean-spirited way), but she is going to change that. I am glad too. I think it's important that kids are prepared and not pampered. They are capable of doing these things, they should be doing them :)

Sydney really likes her too. Sydney joined the running club this year at school. They meet every  Friday for an hour. Ms. Hamilton is one of the advisors, so they run together :)

Their favorite part of school though is they get to pack their lunches and pick out their own clothes (I have to approve everything though :))

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