Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Sydney chose a Halloween costume in September, but Jaxon was a different story. Everytime we asked what he wanted to dress up as, he would tell us "a super bad guy." We could not figure out exactly what that meant, so it was a little difficult to buy a costume for him.

Finally, the Monday before Halloween, we went to Party City, placed Jaxy in front of the costume wall, and told him to choose anything he wanted. He eventually opted for his other obsession - Toy Story. Jaxy has been in a Woody and Buzz lovefest since he saw Toy Story 3 for his birthday.

We totally made a mistake with the whole costume thing though, he wore the costume 24/7 the entire week before Halloween, and now we are on Wednesday after Halloween, and he continues to wear the costume non-stop. it is the first thing he asks for each morning - "Mom I need to be Woody!"; and it is the worse part of each night - "Jaxy you need to wear pajamas to sleep, not your costume."

It wasn't so bad last week when we went trick or treating at the aquarium one day, the zoo the next, and then a party at church...but when I had to run into the bank, or the grocery store, or when I pick Sydney up from school...I get a lot of strange looks.

At my parents' ward party, another little boy came dressed as Buzz Lightyear. Jaxon was totally fixated on this kid. He kept walkinh up to him and checking him out. When the kid would walk off, Jaxon would ask,"Mom where is Buzz Lightyear going?"

When trick-or-treaters came to our house, Jaxon would tell them, "Hey guys, I'm Woody!" I think his grip on reality is slipping a little. At least he's cute, right?

Washington D.C. part deux

At the risk of being the weirdos who force their "friends" to sit through six hours of videos of their incredible trip, here are a few more photos of D.C.