Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

I love holidays! Not just one, but all of them. I especially love Memorial Day because it is a day all about remembering. Remembering family and friends who have died, remembering all of the brave men and women who fight/fought for our freedom, remembering just how blessed we are to be here...

I know some people like to go to special services, and others like to visit graves, but personally, I like to spend time with family and friends and share stories about our loved ones and heroes who are no longer with us.

It's probably because cemeteries creep me out, and I am not an early riser so I can't make it to special ceremonies...

Anyway, today we celebrated by enjoying America's passtime - we went to a Braves' game. I was a little worried because according to The Weather Channel, there was an 80 percent chance of scattered thunderstorms today, so I thought for sure we would get rained out.

I was also a little worried because we were taking Jaxon and Sydney with us to a game at 1 p.m. (super hot, and right during nap time). And I was worried because we were going with a group of friends, some of whom we went to a game with last month and the Braves lost miserably. If they lost again today, surely our friends would think we brought some kind of curse a long with us and would not want to go with us again :-).

Thankfully, my fears were all for naught. The weather was hot, but hot and sunny, so not a drop of rain. Jaxon had a great time at the game, and showed no signs of missed naps (Sydney, on the other hand was not exactly the ray of sunshine one would hope for). The Braves won 9 to 3, and are now in first place in their division.

The best part of the day (other than being with friends and family of course) was after the game. The Beach Boys gave a concert at Turner Field. I absolutely love the Beach Boys, so I was very excited for this! Only two (Mike Love and Al Jardine) of the original five were there (two are dead, and the other is Brian Wilson), but they sounded great!

Donnie and I stayed with our kids, but the rest of the group took off. We moved to seats close to the visitor dugout, and we had a perfect view, and the sound was great. Jaxon and Sydney fell asleep about halfway through (they played for about an hour and a half), but Donnie and I enjoyed it :-).

They sang my most favorite song, and a lot more. Sydney's new favorite song is "Help Me Rhonda," and she has not stopped singing it since she woke up.

So that was our wonderful day, we hope all of you had a great day too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zoo mania

We can’t get enough of the zoo apparently – we have upped our visits from once a week to twice a week, and during Spring Break, we went three times!

The kids love the animals, and I just love getting out of the house.