Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jaxy turns 2!

I can't believe how fast the last two years have flown by!

Jaxy has changed so much. He is sweet and loving, but he is also a little rowdy. He loves trains, heroes and bad guys. He likes to run, jump, and wrestle (mainly his sister and she doesn't like it one little bit).

He gives the best hugs, and has the sweetest little voice. Although he can be quite loud at times, he is also the first one to inform us if we are "too loud!" That is probably his favorite phrase; well, and Sydney did it (which sounds closer to "Didney do it.")

We had two little birthday celebrations for him this year. One on a Friday when we could do something fun with family, and the other was really just a dinner with cake and ice cream on his actual birthday (which fell on sunday this year).

Jaxy loves Toy Story, so we went to the theater and saw Toy Story 3 with my parents, Jana, Ronnie, Katie, and Emily. It was in 3-D, so I wasn't sure how Jaxy would react to that, but he kept his glasses on almost the entire time. He can't stop talking about the movie now.

He received a lot of Toy Story toys for his big day too. He has a Woody, Buzz, and Rex doll, a Mr. Potato Head, a Toy story racetrack, a rocket sprinkler, and a tricycle.

Some friends came to dinner on his birthday and gave Jaxy a superhero cape and mask (from the incredibles, and my friend made it herself - it's very impressive).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


One of the best things about evenings in the South is chasing fireflies. Every day when Donnie comes home, Jaxon asks to go outside and see the fireflies - okay, so it's actually more of a command, but you get the point, he's excited to see fireflies.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Jaxy's summer cut...

Jaxon needed a haircut, so Donnie took matters into his own hands.