Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two Months in Rapid Review

We have not given up on the blog, we have just been REALLY overcommitted lately.

Between work, school, church callings, date nights, babysitting, and trips to th elibrary, zoo, and Stone Mountain, we have little time for computer fun.

That said, here is a little update on our fam.

Sydney started taking gymnastics and ballet the second week of October. She loves going to class, and even has a little friend who calls her Miss Sydney and smothers her with hugs each week. There are five little girls in her class. They are having a recital in mid December.

She has also been diligently working on her block-building and people-drawing skills. She has decorated her walls with pencil marks, and her floors with giraffes made out of blocks.

Jaxon is diligently working on his block-deconstructing and tackle-your-sister skills. He is pretty talented in the latter.

Jaxon is still the most mellow kid ever. He is so sweet and loves to cuddle too. He likes to play with Sydney, but can sometimes be a little rough. He likes to follow his dad around the house and copy him which is super cute.

Donnie is pretty busy with school these days. This semester will be over in three weeks, and then he only has one more semester of classes, so the excitement is building (too bad he still has another three years after that!).

Here is what we have been able to cram into our schedule:

We took Sydney and Jaxon to Disney on Ice. Sydney calls it Ice on the Hedge (I have no idea where that came from). She absolutely loved it, and we did too.

For Halloween this year, Donnie carved a pumpkin, and Jaxon and Sydney painted one. I was on clean-up duty - it was almost as fun. Sydney dressed up as a kitty and Jaxy was a puppy.

We went to my parent's ward party from 4-6 p.m. and then we trick or treated for about 2 hours. It was cold and rainy, so Jaxy and I mostly stayed in the car while Donnie, Sydney, and our niece Katie knocked on doors. We ended up with over 7 pounds of candy - yes, Donnie weighed it. Unfortunately, we did not have our camera that day, so I will have to get pictures from my mom.

We went to Katie's birthday party at Michael's and Sydney made a jewelry box. She calls it her treasure box, and has it filled with stickers and paper dolls.

We spent Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house visiting with family and eating lots of yummy food. I went shopping Thanksgiving night with my mom, three sisters and three sisters-in-law. Old Navy was open so we popped in after dinner to buy some clothes.

The real shopping started at 3:30 a.m. Friday. My mom, Al, and Jana and I met at Wal-Mart and by 7:30 we were finished and eating at Cracker Barrel. Donnie and I are done shopping for the year, and Santa is finished with our kids as well. The biggest shocker is that I actually came home with almost half of the money that I left with, so Donnie was pretty happy.

We finished up the weekend watching BYU beat Utah with some friends and eating more yummy food, so it was a great week.

Now if only magic little elves would bring all of the Christmas decorations down from the attic for me...