Thursday, June 15, 2006

Our little beach babe...

For my dad's 60th birthday we took a family vacation to Panama City Beach, FL. Sydney had her first encounter with the ocean. Panama City is on the Gulf Coast and so the sands are white and the water is really warm. It was a great trip and we had great weather the entire time.

Sydney enjoyed being outside, but didn't think too much of the sand. The salt water was okay and the pool was great, but not the sand!

She had a cute little swimsuit and sun hat and stayed under the umbrella while she was at the beach. Donnie took her to the water, and after they came back to the beach she began licking the salt water off of Donnie's arm.

Sydney spent most of the "day" time inside with her great grandmother. It was great that they had time to bond and Donnie and I had time to play!