Tuesday, June 11, 2013

October 2012

Another month has come and gone :). Donnie has been working nonstop to finish his dissertation and job applications. He finally had things at a point where he felt confident in his work and submitted all of his materials to start the application process. A lot of schools are hiring this year, which is nice, but Donnie really wants to work at a place that focuses more on research than teaching, and has a good resource system for his type of research: financial, behavioral accounting research.

He has chosen to apply to 30 schools, but not all of them are hiring this year, and the ones that are hiring are not necessarily hiring financial behavioral researchers. He said it is still good to get his name and face out there so that maybe down the road...

So that is what is going on in Donnie's world.

Sydney and Jaxon are loving school. Sydney's teacher calls her "The Mouth of the South" (playfully, I think). She says Sydney is such a good reader she has her work on the 2nd grade books. Jaxon is opening up more and more each day at school. He still will not dance during movement time, but when his teachers are not actively observing him, he is quite animated with the other kids. :) Ms. Vaughn said she wishes she could just listen in because she's sure it would be awesome.

Charlotte is growing and changing too - except for her hair. It is still short and crazy :) She looks just like Donnie!  She loves to watch people and observe what's happening around her. She always has an inquisitive look on her face which sometimes looks like she is giving dirty looks. That can be a little awkward :) She still hates her carseat, but she does a better job of sleeping in it while in the car, so she doesn't suffer too much :)

For Halloween this year, Jaxon wanted to be anything that had a sword as part of the costume, and Sydney wanted to have a costume with a wig and high heels. Who are these kids ? :) Jaxon ended up opting for the red ninja with one long sword (which magically keeps disappearing :)), and Sydney chose some sort of moonlight princess with a big puffy dress, jewelry, a wand, but no high heels. She did manage to find a black wig with a hot pink streak, so she went with that too. Charlotte was a little kitty. 

We missed the Halloween party at our church this year, but we had a great time trick or treating around our neighborhood. The kids came home with so much candy that we ended up donating a few pounds to a collection for soldiers overseas.

The best part of October was when we were able to see the Cougars beat up Ga Tech. This year BYU played in Atlanta, and Donnie, Jaxon, Charlotte, and I went to cheer on our team. Sydney was adamant that she would not attend, so she stayed with my parents, and Corey came along. It was such a great game! We sat with the Hansens, so Jaxy stayed pretty entertained too. The Cougars won 42-17, and we ate at the Varsity, so it was a pretty successful day.

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